• Video Email/SMS Marketing

    You can send Video & Audio emails to anyone, easy and simplified to use and compose.

  • Mass Email/SMS Service

    Reach your contacts by our Mass Email Marketing Feature in just 3 simple steps with any kind of email template you want.

  • Instant Landing Page

    Anyone can create landing page instantly in just 5 minutes.

  • Forms & Autoresponders

    Our simplified and ready to use templates will help you to create form and autoresponders.

  • CRM

    Managing your contacts and leads is easy and optimised.

  • Live Chat Support

    Be engaged with your customers and visitors for 24x7 because nothing batter then chat support.

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Automated Ad Placement, Auto Blog Posting, Auto SEO, Videomail and more."Coming Soon"

Why MaxLeadPRO?

Automate your business to dominate your market. Try Auto-pilot Marketing!

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Features & Benefits. . .

  • Relationship Marketing
    • Realtime Live Chat Support Toolbar for your Website or Landing Pages
    • Contacts Manager Database with Groups
    • Fully Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
    • Videomail & Audiomail systems each with 250+ templates including easy template creators
    • Powerful Autoresponder drip campaigns with granular controls
    • Automated Bulk Email service for targeted Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Automation
    • Automated Daily Blogging service that creates relevant articles that automatically post to your blog (we will createa blog for you and/or post to your existing blog) to skyrocket your search engine rank and search engine domination. We use our proprietary:
    • Content Multiplier Text-To-Video Converter (posts to YouTube, Facebook, Google+ (adds rich snippets to Google searches for increased click throughs), and Twitter
      • Automated Daily Done-For-You Slideshows (syndicated to www.slideshare.net)
      • Automated video and audio podcasting tool (posts to itunes)
      • LinkedIn lead generating tool with automated connection requestor (ability to send 100's of requests daily)
    • LinkedIn automated message broadcaster with message creator to specified groups, and easy mass messaging to your existing connections (ability to send 100's of messages daily)
    • Twitter tool that posts a empowering quote daily to your twitter tribe
    • Embedded Video Player with VIRAL Social Share Capabilities
  • Advertising & Promotion
    • Instant website generation tools with easy to use editable control panel for non techies
    • Automated advertising placement service posts daily ads to various sites
    • Topical YouTube videos, slideshows and podcasts created and posted daily to promote your brand
  • Sales & Lead Generation
    • Instant Landing Page Generator
    • Lead Incubation Autoresponders
    • Complete marketing analytics (both proprietary and Google) tools integrated into your dashboard
  • Productivity & Efficiency
    • Easy Integrated icon based Tasks Tracking Module
    • Integrated Calendar Syncable with Google, Outlook & iCal

What Others are Saying… / Testimonials

  • MaxLeadPro is on its way to becoming the single most important marketing tool I subscribe to. The value of even a single major part, like the videomail, to help me close deals is worth it alone. Try it! These guys have earned my referrals.
    Joe W, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Love it! I set up landing pages now in just minutes now for any offer, and it's great how I can split test and try marketing ideas faster. I really like the videomail and my clients seem to like it too, I get more calls back than without using videomail, so that has definitely paid for itself. God bless.
    Tracy W, Wichita, Kansas
  • We've seen an increase in ROI mostly because of finally setting up autoresponders and because of using videomail. Also, using the landing pages with paid advertising has increased our incoming leads, so all told, yes, this has been a success.... I would be confident in recommending MaxLeadPro to other business owners.
    John R, Dover, DE
  • As a busy web entrepreneur, the dozens of marketing tasks to make my business run make it easy to get overwhelmed or off track. MaxLeadPro helps me stay focused on what matters, and then setup the marketing needed faster and easier than using unrelated tools. Keep up the good work!
    Kara C, Pleasanton, California

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